Help to Improve Sleep!

Help I Cant Sleep

Two thirds of adults in the UK suffer with poor disruptive sleep. ‘I need help to improve my sleep!’ is a common phrase in my clinic. My response is always; ‘Mother nature blessed human beings with this superpower every night, it is amazing’. Yes, I call it a superpower because sleep doesn’t get the reputation it deserves. Let us explore why and how you strengthen your relationship with sleep.

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Do you need a Social Media Detox?

social media

Do you need a social media detox? Social media is currently a hot topic because of its impact on mental health. While the negative effects that social media have on our thoughts and behaviours are real and true, so can be the positives. I believe that being aware of this paradox we can consciously take ownership of our social media usage and use it to our advantage. Therefore, social media can be your servant and not your master!

It’s very hard to ignore that as 21st century humans most of us own mobile phones and other

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Mental Health Awareness 2022 – Loneliness

Mental Health Awareness 2022

It’s Mental Health Awareness week for 2022 and this years topic is loneliness. You don’t have to be physically alone to experience the heavy weight loneliness can create in the mind. You can be surrounded by many other people in a city train station or walking through a crowded town and still feel lonely.

I’m an introvert. I can easily spend hours or even days by myself but, at some point I need interaction with other human beings. Positive, fulfilled purpose and interaction within our tribe is a human given. We are better as a tribe rather than individually on our own and our inbuilt reward system (the release of feel-good hormones, specifically serotonin and oxytocin) is released when we interact positively with others. When we are lonely, we feel disconnected and we lack the social interactions we so desperately need to feel fulfilled as human beings.

The lack of quality connection within our day-to-day life, can create a sense of disconnect which creates an empty feeling of loneliness

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