Solution Focused Hypnotherapy – What to expect

What to expect from Solution Focused Hypnotherapy

Quite often people ask me what to expect from solution focused hypnotherapy. They question ‘how does it work?’ or ‘how will I know if it has worked?’.  For you to know what to expect from solution focused hypnotherapy here is an overview. Focused Hypnotherapy is a mixed approach of positive psychotherapy coupled with hypnosis. This … Read more

OCD and Me – What is OCD?

In my last blog, I share my personal story of what living with OCD is like and how Solution Focused Hypnotherapy helped turn my Obsessive Compulsive Disorder into Optimistic, Courageous and Daring! But just what is OCD? OCD comes in 2 specific parts, obsessions that cause anxiety and compulsions which drive temporary relief. The obsessions … Read more

OCD and Me – Personal Story of Recovery


I have OCD …. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder…. there I said it.

It’s taken me a good 30 years to realise, come to terms with and accept that OCD is an integral part of me and probably always will be.

In April 2019 I made a bold decision that my OCD was something I needed to strategically work on and change. I realised that OCD was the prison wall I had built around me that stopped me from living my life, I mean, really living my life.

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