Solution Focused Hypnotherapy – What to expect

Quite often people ask me what to expect from solution focused hypnotherapy. They question ‘how does it work?’ or ‘how will I know if it has worked?’.  For you to know what to expect from solution focused hypnotherapy here is an overview.

Focused Hypnotherapy is a mixed approach of positive psychotherapy coupled with hypnosis. This combination that is designed to redirect old negative thought patterns and encourage positive behaviour for mental wellbeing.

I trained as a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist, after discovering the benefits for myself. I experienced anxiety due to grief and a lifelong battle with OCD. The results of my sessions were so significant that I choose to train and help others in the same way. I had been so lucky to have experienced Solution Focused Hypnotherapy that I wanted others to do the same.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy wasn’t a magic wand that would ‘fix me’, instead it gave me the tools and mental ability to cope with anything life throws at me which is a much better deal. Solution focused is exactly that; By focusing on solutions, my problems become tangible challenges that could be changed and ultimately solved rather than a problem I had no control over.

What to expect – Initial consultation

It all starts with an initial consultation which provides brain-based explanations for the mental and physical symptomologies of stress, depression, anxiety, and anger. Most importantly by understanding how the brain works in this way, it raises the opportunity to understand how the brain works at its best too! The initial consultation highlights small attainable changes towards a positive future which includes the consequences of quality sleep, positive action, positive interaction, positive thought, the importance of feel-good neurotransmitters and benefits of hypnosis.

What to expect – Talking therapy

Positive psychology ensures that the future is the focus, and therefore it is not necessary to talk through old traumas, worries and difficult issues. All sessions are designed to ensure, consistency, comfort, and relaxation. (Isn’t that a relief).

The most recent findings in neuroscience that underpins the therapy is revised throughout sessions offering explanations and inspiring change. This solifconfidence which reinforces the process.

What to expect – Hypnosis

I’m sure you will be very pleased to hear hypnosis is not swinging pocket watches, black and white swirly lines or participants clucking like chickens. The power of hypnosis goes back hundreds of years and has been used as an incredible tool to access the subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind is the source of all our behaviour which doesn’t require our conscious attention. Hypnosis or ‘trance’ is a state of mind that we all access throughout the day, whilst reading books, watching television and during exercise too, in fact we do it all the time. Ever wondered where the time went when you were completely engrossed in something? You were most likely in a state of trance.

In my relaxed clinical setting, I use psychotherapy to give your brain the opportunity to understand exactly what changes it might like to make. We can then use trance to give your brain a time to digest the information and put those changes into place.

I like to think of it as a jig saw puzzle. At the beginning of the session, we can concentrate on finding the missing pieces. Then you get to relax and put your feet up (quite literally), whilst your brain fits the pieces together to create the picture that you want.

What to expect – The benefits of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy

One of the great things about Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is that you give yourself permission to think about yourself from a different perspective. This pause in the day-to-day routine offers you time and space to acknowledge your strengths and achievements which is extremely empowering. Self-empowerment creates new ideas, clarity and personal wisdom which positively affects behaviour and change.

And if that wasn’t enough here are 15 other positive things that you can expect from Solution Focused Hypnotherapy.

  1. When you are working with me you get a VIP tour around your brain, and you get to learn how you can use all its amazing features. Who doesn’t want a VIP tour?
  2. You could get curious about what you can do differently to make positive changes in your life, a first-class ticket to discovering the real you.
  3. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is backed by the most recent findings in neuroscience. Science changes all the time. As a species we are progressing more now than we ever have done. That is why it is really important for me to continually develop my profession. By attending workshops, reading books, listening to podcasts, conversing with my peers, and working on my own personal wellbeing, I maintain a level of expertise that my clients expect and deserve. This includes developing my understanding of neuroscience.
  4. It is relaxing and fun. You can even have sessions online in your PJs.  Many of my clients access me securely online whilst they are at home with a cup of tea, snuggled up in PJs. I couldn’t think of a more comfortable and relaxed way to received therapy.
  5. You can practice and perfect your preferred future with your feet up. By focusing on the positives and the future, together, you can find different ways to thrive, eliminating the negatives as a by-product.
  6. You can gain clarity to find new solutions to old problems.
  7. Your newfound positivity will rub off on the people around you, positivity is contagious!
  8. You don’t need to be broken to be better, you can gain the tools and knowledge to really excel in your professional or personal life.
  9. The side effects of solution focused hypnotherapy include confidence and a positive attitude to life.
  10. You can let go of your past by focusing on your future.
  11. Your sleep patterns and overall quality of sleep can improve. Sleep is our superpower; it underpins the foundation of healthy wellbeing.
  12. You can become free of phobias as unwanted habits.
  13. By creating a positive and solution focused mindset you will be able to cope with life’s ups and down.
  14. Overcome or reduce the symptomologies of anxiety, depression, and anger, including Addiction, grief, PTSD, OCD, Genialized Anxiety disorder and many more.
  15. Discover the real you, who you are and what you want to achieve in life.

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